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""Brown Boy has established itself as a brand that creates fun products and values every step of the production process.""
All Cotton Is Not Created Equal
Freestate Life
""When I kept falling asleep at work, I realized that I wasn’t meant for that job. So I quit, and started Brown Boy.""
"World's Happiest Apparel Brand"
Agreeable Co.
"“We have always supported the Human Rights Campaign.”"
From Syria to Berlin
Huffington Post
Prateek a.k.a. Brown Boy
Creative Head. Founder. CEO
Prateek quit his dream job in New York (J.P. Morgan) to pursue his love for fashion, design and of course sustainability. He eats, sleeps and breathes Brown Boy - "This drives me and keeps me alive" is what he says.
Best Friends
Brown Boy is a Fair Trade USA Certified company. Our friendship runs deep and together we are here to change the world of fashion. Come join us and contribute to a cycle of empowerment that is sustainable for people and the planet.
Biggest Supporter
GQ has always been our biggest supporters. We love each other and the team at GQ has always encouraged us a lot. Brown Boy is in someway or the other always a part of the magazine.
Logistic Partners
We have partnered with the best in the logistics industry to ensure you receive your orders fast and safely.
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""You guys rock - fastest delivery ever - next order is on it's way""
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""Thanks Brown Boy for these amazing tanks""
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""Fair-trade Love It""
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