8 Reasons To Visit Russia This Summer

May 04, 2016

It's May and it already feels like an inferno. I can just imagine how hot, and not in a good way, the summer is gonna get. Rich Americans whisk off to the Hampton or Western Europe leaving us young proles to sweat. London is too expensive and Paris is as touristy as it gets. So where can one go on a budget? 

TO PUTIN LAND - Yup I am talking about Russia. Here are 8 reasons why Russia should be your to go destination this summer. Disclaimer - This series has not been funded by the Russian Tourism Council - I wish it was :P 

1. At its present valuation a dollar can fetch you around 70 Rubles. So now you don't have to worry about converting your cheques before paying and can shop without crunching numbers and live like a Czar while holidaying in Russia.

2. The weather in Russia is perfect during summers. Pleasantly cool and comforting. And it gives you another reason to use that favorite sweatshirt of yours. But If you want something new you can get one here.

3. Your air ticket will not burn a hole in your pocket. New York to Moscow is less than $500 return. How crazy is that.

4. The Sun never sets here during summer. So you can enjoy long days and party till its noon. For Places to Party check our next two posts. 

5. You will see the most beautiful people in Russia...seriously it is so so hot - and this time in a really good way. Super Attractive. You'd question New York's status as the cutest city in the World.

6. Vegan is the new big thing here so vegetarians should be least concerned about finding delicious food and amazing restaurants. Follow our posts for a list of places to eat.

7. You can boast in front of your friends that you went to an exotic - non touristy and hip country.

8. Russia is as European as it gets. So you'd spend summers in Europe without break in your bank account.

Trust me Russia is a roulette you can safely bet on. You'd end up being a winner.

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