Anonymous in New York City - Freddy Rodriguez

December 16, 2015

This blog post has been written by Freddy Rodrigues. He is one of the sweetest people I have met in New York.

In Freddy's Words -

"New friend of mine Prateek introduced me to his 100% organic & fair trade apparel company, Brown Boy. He started his company to make a difference in how clothing is made in his home country of India. Anonymous can mean many things, in this case to me anonymous is all of the workers that go into making all of our apparel. 

What many of us don’t know (or care to acknowledge) is that there are many factory workers being treated horribly for our fast fashion products. Watch this Video to learn the real truth. 


Brown Boy is  working against this system for a healthy environment where workers can live properly off of their wages. 

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