Celebrate 4th of July - In Style

July 03, 2017

4th of July marks a big day in American History - So does the colors on our flag and what they represent - Bravery - Glory - Victory - Let us celebrate the BIG DAY in style.

Here is our pick for Summer T-Shirts you can wear on The 4th of July and go #Twinning with the flag. 

1. Half 'n' Half - This cut and sew - geometric t-shirt is perfect for the patriot. Both the glorious flag colors are equally represented. Made from 100% organic cotton - this is an amazing summer t-shirt - get it here...yes here - The Two Part T-Shirt.

american flag


2. The Stripes - Exclusively made for The 4th of July - this limited edition t-shirt is our ode to America. The stripes represent the stripes on the flag and the foundation of American Society. Available on Etsy

american flag

3. The Glory Red Pants - A Special Edition pair of Multipurpose Pants - made from 100% organic cotton - the color is inspired from the American Flag and represents boldness. Only 50 pieces have been made. Available Here Only.

red pants

4. Glory Blue Henley - A perfect summer t-shirt. Made from 100% organic cotton this makes an amazing 4th of July gift. Get it on ASOS.

glory blue t-shirt


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