Equal Love - Valentine's Day Special

February 07, 2017

Freddy is one of the nicest guys I know. He was the first friend I made when I reached New York and has always been a very good friend to me. You can know a lot about a person by his humility. Despite being a very well known blogger and having a fan following on Instagram which most can just dream off - Freddy is a very down to earth human being. 

We have attended several fashion events, techno parties and photoshoots together (check out his amazing blog) and I have always cherished his company. I remember telling him how lucky anyone will be to have him as their partner. 

And months later I saw he was getting married to this amazing guy Tim. Freddy was always in denial about love and marriage and here we are celebrating his love for Tim. Congratulations to the two and all the best on this new journey. 

same love - gay marriage

  1. How did you two meet…? Tim and I funny enough met through Grindr, not the most classic romantic way as meeting through a friend or whatever someones ideal situation is. Though, we all spend so much time on our phones it’s where connections seems to happen the most.
  1. When did you know – that this is it…she/he is the one..? I think this is an ongoing feeling, that I’m constantly reminded how sweet, funny, and caring Tim is. His actions continue to remind me he is the one for me.
  1. First thing you noticed about the other? His eyes, they’re a mixture of green and blue depending on lighting.
  1. How has she/he improved you as a person? Tim has improved me in many ways, mostly being more happy waking up to him by my side everyday.
  1. Which song summarizes/defines your relationship? Latch by Disclosure
  1. One thing your partner does that makes you realizes how much you love her/him? Unconditionally sharing his feelings and heart with me.
  1. An activity you like to do together? Working out and going on walks talking about our favorite architecture/ sights we saw while out.
  1. Message for people – young and old out there…. As cliche as this may sound, and is, love is mysterious and everything happens for a reason when it’s meant to happen. Keep your heart open and available.

gay marriage sec 377

Love is love...no matter who you dedicate it to. As long as its giving and caring...and makes the world a happier place. Does it then matter if it's by a man for a man...? I really feel we need more examples of couples like Freddy and Tim to show the world that LGBT people have a right to love and live and society should help them nurture this. 

We at Brown Boy have always stood up and supported things we believe in - irrespective of the backlash and we will continue to do so. 

Celebrating Equal Love with Freddy and Tim. Good Luck and hope this love story inspires other LGBT kids to not loose hope cause IT DOES and WILL GET BETTER.

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