Healthy Christmas Gifts For Kids

November 21, 2016

When you prefer eating Organic Food - why stop there then..? How about trying Organic Clothing as well. It has exactly the same benefits. Clothes made from organic cotton are naturally soft, chemical free and eco-friendly. 

By choosing organic cotton - you keep your kids away from harmful chemicals that can come in contact with their skin. Here is a selection of ethically made kidswear that would make amazing Christmas presents. 

For Christmas Eve - 

Organic Cotton Tux - Shop Here.

Or Raining Cute Clouds - Shop Here.

For The Stockings - 

Pastel Cardigan - Shop Here.

Super Warm Blanket - For those cold winter nights. Get it Here.

Christmas Day - 

Cute rompers to cuddle indoors. Shop Here.

Happy Holiday - We are offering FREE SHIPPING till 31st December - Check for more information.


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