Organic Cotton Part Deux

September 25, 2015

...From Where We Left

Today we brief you on how Organic Cotton is cultivated. It starts with using Natural, untreated GMO free seeds unlike in conventional cotton where Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds are used. Instead of spraying the crop with toxic insecticides, natural methods such as crop rotation and use of natural manure is undertaken to ensure health of soil and crop for Organic production.

Healthy soil creates natural balance. Beneficial insects and trap crops used. This not only creates a healthy environment but also the cotton is chemical free. Now you would assume that once this cotton is harvested the job is done. You couldn't be more wrong. Its only just begun.

We ensure quality and character is maintained right till the garment is shipped to you. Once the organic fibers are turned into yarns we dye using Low-impact fiber-reactive or natural dyes with low metal and sulfur content. While for printing on garments we only use Low-impact, water-based inks and/or pigments with no heavy metals.

All this is done in a 100% Fair-Trade environment where we ensure safe, healthy, non-abusive, nondiscriminatory environment with living wages.

Growing Organic Cotton is very expensive and labor intensive. To ensure standards are maintained and products are ethically made adds to the costs but keeping in mind the benefits this has on the environment, craftsmen and especially YOU it's all worth it. 

Hence we at Brown Boy decided to keep our margins much lower than industry standards and make this Awesomeness affordable to all. But we need your support to help spread a word about us and our efforts. 

Next week we will tell you how rare and awesome Organic Cotton is and why paying that little extra is justified. Till then share this post...send us your questions and tell your friends about Brown Boy

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