Valentine's Day Special

February 07, 2017

Sarah and Sandeep are probably the most good looking couple I know. Their story is like one we all imagine and long for. A perfect balance of young love, ambition and a shared dream they two together nurture. 

I haven't met them but I got in touch with them when I read about SS Homme in GQ. I am really inspired by them and whenever I have needed any guidance for Brown Boy - he has always been helpful. 

So when I had this idea of celebrating love and featuring couples that inspire me Sarah and Sandeep were immediately on board. Here is their love story.... 

  1. How did you two meet...?
    We met through common friends, and just clicked straight after. We actually started off as good friends for a couple of months, before we ended up dating                                                                            
  1. When did you know – that this is it…she/he is the one..?
    After we started SS HOMME, and we were in each others faces 24x7. And at the end of it, would still want to hang out with each other. That just made us more secure about our relationship.

  2. First thing you noticed about the other?
     – Her unique personality. Physically, her eyes.
    Sarah - I stalked him on Facebook, so it would have to be his cute face.

ss homme brown boy

  1. How has she/he improved you as a person?
    – She’s made me a lot more grounded & patient. 
    – He’s made more ambitious & pushes me to challenge myself.

  2. Which song summarizes/defines your relationship?
    Can’t Take My Eyes off You – Morten Harket
     – incidentally our wedding song as well.
  1. One thing your partner does that makes you realizes how much you love her/him?
     – She always puts me before her.
    Sarah - His morning hugs.
  1. An activity you like to do together?
    Besides building SS HOMME, we love to travel. We’ve visited over 20 countries together, and still counting.
  1. Message for people – young and old out there….
    Don’t stress on finding love. Just let it happen.

Thank you Sarah & Sandeep. You really make this campaign so much special. Do check our SS Homme for amazing Men's Fashion and if you are in Bombay then do drop by. They make amazing suits and also provide bespoke tailoring. Everyone from Amitabh Bachchan to Siddhartha Malhotra have been seen wearing their designs. 

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