About Us

It all started with a simple idea to design fresh high-quality items we wanted for ourselves. After leaving my banking job in New York, I moved back home, and started working on Brown Boy full-time, I found myself brainstorming about launching my own brand centered around my love for design and fashion. What started as an outlet for my passion and entrepreneurial experiment quickly grew into much more than just selling a few shirts.


Brown Boy didn’t start with a formal business plan and in fact I had absolutely no background in fashion and design. Rather than following the “traditional” model of starting a business, I just tried to apply common sense and research to figure things out as they came up. Whereas the design aspect came very instinctively and I completely surrendered to that passion. I’ve found that the best way of learning is by doing. You ought to jump in the water to learn how to swim.

Over a period of 18 months I continued to build Brown Boy by working round the clock and weekends refining designs, learning the process, making mistakes, building a team of craftsmen, organizing logistics, and you name it. My dream of starting my own brand was no longer just a dream. It was what fueled me and this is what keeps me moving. I also had to make sure everything was ethically managed. 

Social Entrepreneurship is an integral part of our founding principle.

We are 100 % Fair-Trade and absolutely do not indulge in sweatshops. Knowing how rooted exploitation is within the clothing industry we had to be the change we wanted to see. 

We are as transparent as possible and love connecting with our fans and customers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Track us there for all the latest scoops, updates and behind the scene activities. 


We are a self-funded brand and we invest our energies in creating amazing products and let them do the talking. Rather than investing lots of money into traditional paid advertising, we rely on word-of-mouth from people that appreciate Brown Boy and want to tell their friends about it. With the help of social media the reach of word-of-mouth is truly global.