Product Guide

This chart will help you understand how you can take care of the garments you buy from us.

By carefully following the washing instructions you can help ensure they stay beautiful for longer.


  • To keep the garment looking like new for as long as possible, turn inside out to wash and dry.
  • Separate contrasting colors and wash at the temperature mentioned.
  • Do not iron, rub, twist or wring decorations/prints.
  • Where there are decorations/prints, iron the garment on the reverse side.
  • Do not rub or remove stains from part of the garment only; always wash or clean the whole garment.


We take the health of our environment very seriously and work hard to minimize our impact on the planet. B-Green is an initiative by Brown Boy to run a green company. By using eco-friendly products, reducing waste, recycling and implementing simple measures, we go green.

We do not compromise on the health of the environment by using un-healthy chemical dyes, ink in attempts to reduce costs. We keep the environment ahead of profits and only use eco-friendly dyes and ink on our products. It benefits you as well; these expensive eco-friendly products do not harm the skin unlike most dyes that could cause rashes and itching.

We also reuse and recycle materials to reduce waste. In addition our premium range products are made from organic cotton sourced from fair-trade companies. Unlike cotton, organic-cotton is produced without the use of hazardous chemicals and pesticides.


To take care of your clothes it is important to wash and dry them properly. Here are some suggestions to keep your wardrobe looking good for longer while respecting the environment.


Wash garments only if necessary. Often a few hours in the open air freshen a garment and allows you to wear it again.


Don't wash garments at high temperatures unless specifically indicated, remember that detergents are now much more efficient than in the past. Many detergents work from 40°C, using 50% less energy than a 60°C wash. It also maintains the quality of the fabric. Finally, when possible, dry your clothes on a clothesline.


Use the right amount of detergent; avoid the temptation to add more. Using harsh detergent tends to spoil the fabric. By using good quality detergent in moderation you will not damage your clothes and also reduce pollution.


Dry-clean clothes only if it is the only possible option. This kind of cleaning requires organic solvents that have a negative impact on the environment.